Are you interested in buying old domains? Here is an insight, which you need to know before buying domains. To begin with, you need to know what domains are, what are the procedures to buy old domains and where can you buy them from.

For those of you who are not conversant with what a domain is, it’s the name that you type into your browser to go to a particular website. However, you must be wondering why there is so much necessity to buy old domains. Old domains are the existing Page Rank, domain age, backlinks and finally the traffic. If you are actively associated with internet marketing, then you must know how important these factors are.

The important factors involved when buying old domains are explained below.

Domain name

A domain name that coincides with your primary target keyword is very essential to get a good ranking. Domain name is significant for branding.

Domain age

It is quite difficult for a new website to get good ranking in major search engines. However, the old domains have the upper hand, more of Google’s trust and are capable of achieving a good ranking for the target keywords in a brief time.

Page Rank

For instance, if you are selling links and reviews to your website; then Page Rank (PR) is the most critical factor that you should consider. The higher PR you get, the better will be the sale of your links and reviews. However, you have to be careful since some vendors sell domains with fake PR. The phoney PR is created by redirecting the domain to another domain that has a higher PR.

Now there are several ways as to how you can check for fake domain PR:

If a high PR website has only a few or no links at all, then it is probably a fake one.

While the web browser is loading, if the domain redirects to another area then probably it has a fake PR.

The third most effective test you can do is type the URL of the domain in Google search box, and a different domain is brought up in the SERP, and then the domain has a fake PR.


For a better and higher rank in Google for your target keywords, you are supposed to have some weighty links in it. Weighty links make it more trusted with Google.


When you buy an old domain, you get the traffic that is already associated with the domain name.

Since the old domain has the added advantage of traffic, they are not cheap at all. This price depends mostly on all of the factors mentioned above, however, sometimes you can find people who do not need their domains anymore and hardly care about how much money they get for selling the domain. Therefore, for effective internet marketing, you can buy old domains with high PR for only a several dollars. All you will need is some good luck to get success in looking for a cheap old high PR domain!