Domaining is the business of purchasing, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names, not for primary use as a website, but with the goal of creating profit with the aim of resale, let’s say like in the real estate. Domaining keeps on growing as more people tend to venture into this field because they have become aware of the amount of profit it comes along with. The people who partake in domaining are referred to as domainers.


Domainers are people who buy and sell domain names to make a profit. The domain names they sell are fully established and benefit the buyer in the ways that they so desire for their fully functioning websites. Legal domainers evade domain names that invade the intellectual property, and they avoid typosquatting domain names that are similar to intellectual property.


Domains are rare commodities, and they run out very efficiently. Domains are registered to be bought and can potentially be sold for millions. Functional domains are always there but remember they are rare and hard to be found. Investors purchase keyword domains with a view towards reselling them at a profit, or to get revenue by “parking” the domains with minimal content and lots of advertisements.


Domainers also create income through domain parking additional to reselling domain names to park a domain a domain owner forwards the Domain DNS that is Domain Name Servers to a parking company. A domain parking service will provide traffic statistics for the site’s owner. To be a successful domainer, you are most likely going to want to use a healthy mix of both selling and parking.


Domaining is real and much fun. Now that the mainstream press has the knowledge that goodies are being made, this will only make things better. If you want to get started in Domaining, start slow and small, do your research before buying and above all, have fun.


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