How to Negotiate Premium Domains Purchases: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are 5 great tips on how to negotiate premium domains purchase and get the perfect name for your future online business!
So, that perfect domain name you really but really want is already registered by someone else? Although this sounds like there is nothing you can do, it does not mean that you should give up. There are many domain name owners that will sell you their premium domain name if they aren’t using it anymore.
In this article, we will share 5 great tips with you on how to successfully get the premium domain name of your dreams. Let’s start:

1. Start by Using a Domains Name Generator

Is the domain name available for purchase? There are so many great domains name generators that can easily help you check whether or not the domain is available for purchase. The advantage of using a domain name generator tool is that you can get the domain name immediately and you don’t have to worry about someone stealing it from you. As you probably know, premium domains have premium prices, but please bear in mind that you only pay the premium price once. In some cases, you will notice that a certain name for sale won’t have a price. You should make an offer and hopefully, the seller will accept that offer. If you want to check a great domain name generator, visit Shopify

2. Contact the Owner of the Domain

If the domain name is not for sale, you will have to contact the domain owner directly. In some cases, the domain name will have the necessary contact information on the website if you type the domain in the search browser. If you cannot find contact information on the website, it is time to use Whois. This tool will help you find the necessary information such as the owner’s email, phone number, and postal address. Contact the owner via the method you feel most comfortable with.




How to Get Started in Domain Name Selling

Domaining is the business of purchasing, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names, not for primary use as a website, but with the goal of creating profit with the aim of resale, let's say like in the real estate. [...]

3. How to Approach the Domain Owner

You should inform the owner you are interested in purchasing their domain name. Ask politely if the domain is for sale. We kindly advise you not to make negative comments about the fact that the owner is not actually using the domain. There is no need to share details about who you are or why you want to purchase the domain. If the owner asks, reveal what you feel comfortable sharing. If the owner thinks you are having a lot of money, you can expect for him to figure it out by checking you out on social media. In this case, he will ask for a higher price. You can ask your friend to send the email on your behalf so that the owner can’t see who you really are.

4. Have Other Options and a Walk-Away Price

It is always great to have options whenever you negotiate. You need to consider what other premium domains you can use and determine the maximum you are willing to pay for the domain name you want. You can check DNPric.es or DNJournal and get an understanding of how much domains sell for. This will help you set the tone for your negotiation and hopefully negotiate the price below the maximum you have in mind.
How to Negotiate Premium Domains Purchases


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Negotiate Premium Domains Purchases


5. Use an Escrow Service

If you have arranged a deal with the domain owner, it is time to use an escrow service and protect yourself. This service will arrange a safe transfer. These specialized services will hold the money until the domain owner transfers the domain to you.
That’s it! This is how you negotiate and successfully acquire the perfect domain name!